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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Coming mid 2017 we will be offering an order form to get every Alumawood part available for purchase. You will be able to submit a full list of components needed from the smallest parts to linear feet of Alumawood material in all sizes. You will get a cost live and be contacted for shipping options. Look for it mid 2017 and we will be posting more information as we begin to implement the service into the website.

Until then please email orders to Alumawoodproducts@gmail.com or call us at 951-384-5058

Alumawood Components

Alumawood Parts

Alumawood Parts

Here at Alumawoodproducts.com we off packages for Alumawood patio cover and component order for custom jobs. Our packages can be instantly quoted through our online “Quote Forms” if you like what you see you can request for us to contact you to finalize an order or clear up any questions about your project. We understand this can be confusing if this is your first patio you have ever built so we are currently developing a youtube channel that will help through each process of the job. From layout of the design to the completion of the job.

DIY Alumawood

Do it Yourself Alumawood

DIY Alumawood

Each DIY cover comes with every Alumawood part you will need to complete the job. We have a list of recommended tools you can look though here on our website. There are an endless amount of tools that you might use on custom job, but that will be covered more on our youtube channel.

Quick List of Tools

  • Drill gun
  • Chopsaw
  • Tin-Snips
  • Handtools (screwdrivers, hammers, caulking gun, etc)