What is an Alumawood?
-Alumawood would is painted aluminum embossed with wood texture, and then roll formed into specific shapes to be used for building materials.

What colors are available for Alumawood?
-Alumawood comes in 7 different colors. White, Desert Sand, Spanish Brown, Latte, Adobe, Mojave Tan, and Adobe. Spanish brown is not available for the panels/roof on the Newport Solid Covers.

What is a 2×6 Ledger for Laguna Lattice patio?
-Alumawood ledgers can be used for installing Laguna Lattice patio covers. They have real would inserted into a 2×6 piece of Alumawood for strength. Then you bolt them to the wall for a strong piece to build your patio cover. Click here learn more..

Why hasn’t shipped for small parts after 14 days?
-This does happen from time to time so we wrote a small article to give perspective on why an order will sometimes take longer then 14 days, and remember that we will give anyone a refund if they don’t want to wait anymore….. click here for article.


Alumawood Products
Alumawood Products