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These are some of the Alumawood Products most commonly need to repair your Alumawood patio. If what you are looking for is not here, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

List of Replacement Parts

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  • Hi I’m wondering if you sell a single white beam. We had a drunk guest recently that punched it and it’s all dented. I just need one side because the dents are only on one side. I have a picture but don’t know how to send it to you. Please contact me at 661 886-6163

  • Hi, I’m looking for the lattice end caps, just like the ones you have but with a square plug on the backside. Would you have those? I am emailing you a picture.

    Thank you!

  • I was in the process of moving and decided to move my alumawood cover vs buying a new one. Unfortunately I lost a 16ft piece of the guttering and a 15 ft piece of the hanger rail. Is there anyway to order just these two pieces? If so how much are they?

  • I would like to find out how to get a replacement outside beam. I had a tenant who destroyed my home and the end beam looks like they took a baseball bat to it. I called a company about having it repaired but I’m finding out nobody will repair it unless they were the installers. Since I don’t remember the name of the company that put it in I can’t seem to get it repaired. I can email you a picture of what I am talking about but it’s one of the outside beams. It is Spanish Brown with a Corbel cut end piece.

  • I need 3 items, 1 I found here which is the 3×8 end cap I need 8.

    The others I have part #s but at different size from what you have here, hopefully you can advise.

    Part# x26630 2×6 1/2
    Part# x26620 2×2

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  • Hi
    I removed my cover to install new concrete and the two cross members got damaged in the process how can I get new ones?

  • I am looking for downspout kit in spanish brown? Please let me know if you can get it. Please contact me at 714-469-3523

  • Hi. I recently purchased a home that has an alumawood patio cover. A neighbors tree fell and damaged a few peices. Can I get the replacement parts through you? We’ve contacted multiple installers and they all just try to sell us a new one. I only need a few top panel peices that are 6″ wide, and the 2×6-1/2″ header piece that runs along the face and side of the patio cover.
    Mario Salgado

  • I need to add it rains downspout to existing patio cover. Are your suppliers in the neighborhood of 92708

  • I need to add a ring downspout to the existing patio cover. Are there any suppliers in the area of 92708?

  • I completed a single transaction with you yesterday and you double charged me on PayPal. There’s no contact info provided in PayPal for me to rectify account Nathan Abeel….. You need to log into PayPal and correct please.

  • We are looking for 2×6 ‘s…2 x14 ft. And 10 x 12ft. We live in Alberta Canada… can you ship these to us and how much are they please.

  • Hello, I am looking to order some replacement plugs. How do I go about doing that? Thank you.

  • I have a aluminum beam and want to install a couple sun shades( ceiling mounted). Beam is 2″ Sun shade is a Coolaroo that weighs 9 pounds, but the beam is real thin aluminum. I need some kind of reinforced insert or something. I don’t think the beam will hold up for long without mounting it with some sort of reinforcement. Please call me at 702-325-1857 Need some help and advice

  • I need a 24’1/4 foot long piece of lattice tubing also a 12′ foot long piece as well do you carry these sizes

  • My patio is 18 years old the caps on both sides of where condensation of air conditioner are missing about 2 by 3 inches drips on patio just had refinished do you know any repair people in las vegas

  • Your bevel end cap 2×2″,is this come with a pack(pack of 10 or more.also I need the screw for the lattice (2×2)

  • Do you have a flat cap for rafters and beams? We have beveled now but trying to get a more modern look. Thanks!

  • Looking for different types of drainage fittings for 2″X3″ alumawood down spouts. Side outlet 90 and 45 degree fittings. Also 2″X4″ rectangular to round for subterranean application.

  • Hi, I am looking for about 50 2x3x10′ and 50 2x3x12′ lattice pieces, plus end caps. Is that something I could order through you?

  • Hello. Due to a hail storm I’m in need of replacing my 1 1/2x 1 1/2 rails. How might I be able to order these and quite a few of them depending on the lengths you might sell. Please contact via email Thank you

  • So glad to see I can buy replacement caps for our Alumawood patio. Our neighbor cut down a rather large tree and some of the branches, as they fell knocked off some of our end caps and were thrown away with the cuttings. Glad I found your company.

  • Hi !! Do you guys have the 2″×6″×12′ or 13′ ?
    From : Felipe Campos
    To :

  • Do you guys sale the aluminum cover for my 2″×6″×13′ wood ( white color ), I really need it. Thanks.

  • I am looking for four decorative aluminum pieces in the shape of the letter ‘S’ that fit inside the legs of the patio covering.

  • The only part on the shape of an “s” is a scallop cut. If you are referring to covering the bottom, no specific parts have been created to cover the bottom.

  • Measure the piece of aluminum that you are putting it on. Send pictures if you need more help.

  • Do you have a product that will come out of the plastic elbow at the bottom of the down spout? Our concrete extends a couple more inches out

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