IRP Components Form PDF DOWNLOAD

What comes in a standard Insulated Roof Panel kit?

-Top and bottom post brackets (double header wont need top post brackets)
-3″x3″ posts (Wood Textured)
-3″x8″ headers/main support beams (Wood Textured)
-Insulated roof panels (3″thick X 4’wide X 24’max projection)
-Side fascia IRP
-Extruded IRP gutter (Foam plugs for each end)
-2″x6.5″ front fascia (Wood Textured)
-1′ End tails optional/ 4 end cuts to choose from (Wood Textured)
-2″x6.5″ Side fascia with end cuts/ 4 end cuts to choose (Wood Textured)
-Downspout kit(s)/ 3 elbows, 10′-2″x3″, 5/8″plugs, screws (Wood Textured)
-10′ Flashing (as many need for cover)
Hardware and Smaller supplies
-Assorted Screws (everything you need to build the patio cover)
-Touch up Paint (small bottle with paint brush)
-5/8″ Plastic Plugs (fills holes made during construction)
Extras Not Included (Upon Request Only)
-Sealing Tape (comes in 33′ rolls)
-Aerosol cans of spray paint

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