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Insulated vs Non Insulated

When it comes to building an Alumawood patio roof, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is whether to use insulated roof panels aka IRP or non-insulated super 6″ panels. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s Read more…

Custom Raised Roof Brackets

Saddle is turned 90 degrees from standard design.

Two Tone and All Spanish Brown Comparison

All Spanish Brown Solid Non-Insulated Patio Cover

3×3 Header Beam Supports

Most cities require a minimum clearance of 6’8″. If you application call for a low connection for the ledger or hanger you will need to save a few inches to stay within code. Hear are some picture of the double Read more…


Refund Policies Small parts purchased through our online shopping cart can be refunded once we received them items shipped back at customers expense and we see that there has been no damage and in the original package. Kits and orders Read more…

Color Chips and Brochures

Alumawood Post Ideas

Quick ideas on an alternative post style for an Alumawood kit. Here is a picture of a stand alumawood “H” post 3″x8″ Center posts with 2″x6.5″ sideplates Square fiberglass columns (more info) Round fiberglass columns 3″x3″ posts only

Screws for End Caps

Make sure you or your installer is screwing off each cap so they wont ever fall off.

Freestanding Patio Covers

Footings are required for freestanding Alumawood patio covers. Footings with embeded steel or steel plates bolted down. Either way a cubed footing will be required to build the structure (examples: 24″x24″x24″ or 32″x32″x32″)