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Color Chips and Brochures

Alumawood Post Ideas

Quick ideas on an alternative post style for an Alumawood kit. Here is a picture of a stand alumawood “H” post 3″x8″ Center posts with 2″x6.5″ sideplates Square fiberglass columns (more info) Round fiberglass columns 3″x3″ posts only

Screws for End Caps

Make sure you or your installer is screwing off each cap so they wont ever fall off.

Freestanding Patio Covers

Footings are required for freestanding Alumawood patio covers. Footings with embeded steel or steel plates bolted down. Either way a cubed footing will be required to build the structure (examples: 24″x24″x24″ or 32″x32″x32″)  

Wood + Alumawood

Alumawood top on an old wood patio. Customer wanted to continue using there columns and switch out the wood top for something with less maintenance. The final look was to do a combination of solid and open lattice to have Read more…

Columns & Alumawood

Classic Round Columns (fiberglass)  style: fluted and smooth sizes: 8’@8″/8@10″/8’@10″/10’@10″/other sizes by special request Classic Square Columns (fiberglass)  sizes: 8’@8″/8@10″/8’@10″/10’@10″/other sizes by special request Question email

Alumawood kits

Build your own Alumawood patio cover and save big bucks. Cut out the middle man and do it yourself with help from Alumawood Products. Feature here is a solid Newport patio cover. This patio cover has flat wrap with Spanish Read more…


What comes in a standard Insulated Roof Panel kit? Materials -Hanger/Ledger-Top and bottom post brackets (double header wont need top post brackets)-3″x3″ posts (Wood Textured)-3″x8″ headers/main support beams (Wood Textured)-Insulated roof panels (3″thick X 4’wide X 24’max projection)-Side fascia IRP-Extruded Read more…

Gutter Guard

Alumawood Solid Newport Patio cover kit with Gutter Guard. Gutter guards cover in 3′ sections and help catch debris in the Alumawood Rollformed Gutter. Check out the video and the products is available in our shopping cart

Alumawood with Roller Shades

This is a basic installation of some “Coolaro” roller shades from Home Depot.